Academic cach to the first skin for da trắng bright

Korean face massage are always loved by the sisters because the effect of this method is extremely good. Let us explore this facial massage method with this article you nhé.

Steps to massage face Korean type
Step 1: Apply serum / moisturizer
Applying facial creams makes the massage movements easier, while helping in the moisturizing lotion to penetrate into the skin. Before applying on face, you should use two palms to squeeze the liquid to warm up. Then dotted 5 points on the face: forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Apply the cream from the chin upwards and then from the cheeks to the horizontal.

Step 2: Massage face
In order to be able to do facial massage with your hands pressed on the sides of the cheek, then change to the forehead and chin. Press lightly and repeat 8-10 times.

Step 3: Massage the eye area
You use your fingertips to press lightly around your eyes. Then from the edge of the eyes pull lightly on the temples. Perform this action 5-7 times

Step 4: Massage the temples
Place the palms on both sides of the temples, turning slightly. This helps you relax your face and improve your headache.

Step 5: Massage the center
Use middle finger and ring finger, slightly press around the mouth: the center of the corners, the corner of the mouth. Slowly take about 4-5 times. Then you make the corners of the mouth to repeat the cheeks 3-4 times.


Step 6: Massage the entire face
You hold your hands together, press the middle of the face, then move to the forehead and chin. Repeat the action many times

Step 7: Finish the massage
After the end, use your hands massge gently neck area from front to back, help relax the body

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