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Financial Management Information System
is designed for robust enterprise transactions that includes customer and sales management, payables, supply-chain management, warehousing, accounting and finance for trading businesses.

FMIS is a strategic tool that can leverage an organization in making its operations transparent and efficient.

With FMIS, your business can accurately generate real-time Financial Statements, multiple warehouse inventories, aging of Accounts Receivables and Payables, simplified bank reconciliation and follow standard ERP procedures.


  • Comprehensive Aging on AP/AR. Allows the users to monitor and manage payables and receivables with ease.
  • Multiple Warehouse Inventory Management. Allows you to transfer stocks from one warehouse to another with unlimited warehouse capabilities.
  • Multiple Units of Measures with Unit Conversions. The user will have an ability to purchase an item using a unit that is different from the base inventory unit.
  • Real-time Financial Statements with subsidiary ledgers. On the fly, the user can print and view Financial Statements with drill down to transactions.
  • Simplified Bank Reconciliation. Automated booked cash value versus bank balances.
  • Item Components feature can be used in monitoring items that needs to be assembled before it can be sold.


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