buy Surveillance Signal Series Surge Protector Device

model numberCZ-AF/12CZ-AF/24CZ-AF/220
Power supply nominal discharge current In(8/20)10V10V10V
Power supply maximum discharge current In(8/20)20KA
nominal voltage Un12V24V220V
Video nominal discharge current In(8/20)5V
Network nominal discharge current In(8/20)3KA
work environment-40℃~+85℃
relative humidity≤95%(25℃)
Test basisGB18802,IEC61643-1
The signal lightning arrester is a kind of surge protector and an important embodiment of internal protection. Today, with the rapid development of information technology, the application of signal lightning arresters is becoming more and more popular, and everyone has attached great importance. There are many types of signal lightning arresters, and products should be selected according to the corresponding Surveillance Signal Series Surge Protector Device