China Bakery Equipment

Electric Deck Oven 1 Deck 1 Pan
Model HTD-101
鈥?Ideal for small baking applications of one 600x400 baking tray
鈥?Top and bottom heat control
Electric Deck Oven 1 Deck 2 Pan
Model HTD-20
鈥?Takes 2x(600x400) baking trays
鈥?Top and bottom heat control
Electric Deck Oven 2 Deck 4 Pan
Model HTD-40
鈥?Takes 4x(600x400) baking trays
鈥?Top and bottom heat control
鈥?Castors for easy cleaning
Whether you run a bakery, a restaurant or a food factory, you need to cook in an oven, Making bread, muffins, cakes, biscuits, pita cakes, desserts, pastries, etc.
Are you looking for an economical, high quality and durable commercial electric deck oven?
Reddhott is your choice!
1. High quality steel, no deformation at high temperature;
2. Imported heating wire, mesh distribution, to ensure uniform fire (gas baking in igniter, fast temperature rise, uniform fire power)
3. There are two different control panels, manual and digital. Halogen lamps are built into each deck to ensure effective lighting and durability;
4. Special designed bottom frame and fireproof structure of electric deck oven have excellent heat insulation performance and make full use of energy and free heat loss;
5. Luxurious appearance of electric deck oven.
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Reddhott Kitchen Co., Ltd. specializes in baking equipment, fast food equipment, refrigeration equipment and packaging machinery. Our baking equipment includes rotary oven, convection oven, oven, proofing machine, slicer, slicer, slicer, slicer, slicer, toaster, etc. Our fast food equipment, such as pressure fryer, open fryer, French fries fryer, incubator, cake display cabinet, French fries heater, etc. Our refrigeration equipment has: ice breaker, juice machine, ice cream machine, refrigerator, freezer and so on. There are pillow packing machine, particle weighing filling machine, liquid bottle filling machine, powder filling machine and so on.
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