China Drawer Box factory

There are many different styles of rigid cardboard set-up box packaging, some customers do not
know how to call them, this kind of drawer rigid gift box with a slide-out drawer with a drawer rigid box,
very similar to a drawer box for gift, but it's made of rigid cardboard, it can be called slide rigid boxes,
rigid drawer boxes and sliding drawer gift boxes. -------------
As rigid slide boxes are opened by sliding the inside drawer out from one side of the sleeve, it
requires a pull attached to the drawer or by pushing it out from the other side of the sleeve, because the
other side of the sleeve usually is sealed with a wall, can only open the box from one side.
Some people don't like an extra ribbon or rope attached to the rigid drawer box for gift , they want to
have a finger notch cut on the cardboard drawer so as to make it easily pull out, this is also a good
opening option. However, in this case, there's a notch hole cut on the drawer so the box can't seal
completely.China Drawer Box factory