China Meat Processing Equipment

Machine Description
This Meat mixer equipment is an indispensable device for mixing materials, with high efficiency and easy operation. It is the first choice for making intestinal products, granular, mud-like, mixed filling products, and meatballs products. It is also used for producing dumplings and ravioli pasta products. etc
Performance Benefits
>> Equipped with automatic discharging function to reduce labor intensity
>> The unique arrangement of the teeth and the cross of the blades are more suitable for mixing various materials, so that the materials are mixed more evenly and the single loading is more.
>> The gap between the blade edge and the hopper is less than 5mm, the stirring is more uniform, and there is no dead angle.
>> The unique three-layer seal protection makes the equipment have a longer life and easier cleaning.
Technical Parameters
Volume (L)150300560
Capacity (kg/batch)75150350
Power (kw)1.6834.55
Speed of stirrer (r/min)7550/7550/75
Dimension (mm)1178*555*9951480*650*1170
Weight (kg)260380500
Machine Details
01. 304 Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl
>> Environmental hygiene, no rust.
02. The Mixing Bowl Can Be Tilted.
>> Automatic discharging function
>> Easy to take out the meat stuffing.
03. Double Auger Mixing Meat Stuffing.
>> Stir well and the finished product tastes good.
04. Control Panel
>> Standardized control panel, easy to operate, clear at a glance.
Relevant Recommendation
Our company also have Vacuum Meat Mixer.Under vacuum conditions, the materials are uniformly stirred, fully expanded, no bubbles, good elasticity, bright color and maximum protein extraction, high mixing efficiency, and is an ideal equipment to improve product quality.
Technical Parameters
Capacity (kg/batch)500900
Power (kw)7.510.2
Volume (L)7501200
Speed of stirrer (rpm)4040
Dimension (mm)1800*1100*16502280*1400*1860
Weight (kg)11001900China Meat Processing Equipment