Customized 9m Hydraulic LED Diesel Mobile Light Tower

Our History
Hangzhou Suoen Machinery Co.,Ltd is engaged in the manufacture of mobile lightower for 10 years. It is committed to solving the need for large-area emergency lighting in the absence of commercial power in the wild. It is designed to save energy, environmental protection and convenience. It is your helper in the wild.
Our Product
Hangzhou Suoen Machinery Co.,Ltd has long successful history in the LED mobile lighting tower, LED lighting tower, all of the portable LED illuminarie. Mobile trailer lighting tower, outdoor using lighting tower, Pneumatic mast lighting tower, Innovation, environmentally friendly and determination is why suoen is founded.

Product Application
Our product is widely used in the project of highway, railway, government, public security, petrochemical, forestry. ect. Especially, the solar led tower and anti-glare spherical vehicle is our main focus product. We set the majority service net for European, US, and middle east.
Our Certificate

Production Equipment
We have a complete production line, CNC lathes, cutting equipment, welding machines, grinding machines, etc.
Production Market
We can customize products according to customers' needs and provide OEM production. In addition to sales in China's domestic market, our products are also exported to the world, especially the United States, Britain, Chile, Canada, Qatar, Dubai, Turkey, India, Myanmar, etc. country.
Our Service
Suoen machinery was founded to help solve the emergency accident energy crisis. We will not rest until our mission is completed together with you!
Customized 9m Hydraulic LED Diesel Mobile Light Tower