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Product Overview
The maximum distance measured by the radar level gauge can reach 70 meters. The antenna is further optimized, and the new fast microprocessor can perform higher-speed signal analysis and processing, making the instrument suitable for very complex measurement conditions such as reactors or solid silos.

Measurement principle
The radar level gauge antenna emits narrow microwave pulses, which are transmitted downward through the antenna. The microwaves are reflected back after contacting the surface of the measured medium, and are received by the antenna system again and transmitted to the electronic circuit part to be automatically converted into level signals. (Because the microwave propagation speed is extremely fast, the time it takes for the electromagnetic wave to reach the target and return to the receiver through reflection is almost instantaneous.)
A Range Setting
B low adjustment
C high adjustment
D Blind Zone Scope
The measured datum level is the bottom of the thread or the sealing surface of the flange.
Feature :
1. The beam angle is small, the energy is concentrated, and it has stronger anti-interference ability, which greatly improves the measurement accuracy and reliability;
2. The antenna has a small size, which is convenient for installation and installation of antenna protection devices such as a dust cover;
3. The measurement dead zone is smaller, and good results will be obtained for small tank measurement;
4. The wavelength is shorter, which is more suitable for the measurement of the level of small particles.
5. Using advanced microprocessor technology, radar level gauge can be applied to various complex working conditions.
6. The pulse working mode is adopted, and the transmitting power of the radar level gauge is extremely low, which can be installed in various metal and non-metal containers.
Note for radar level gauge:
鈼?Radar level gauge has certain requirements for installation space
鈼?Pay attention to the dielectric constant of the medium and select the appropriate model according to the size of the dielectric constantLevel Meter for sale