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Watch this video and believe that this is NUDE AND STRAPLESS!!

Product About:
* Made of EVA and rubber materials (same materials used in making havaianas)
* Cloth Patterned designs
* Designs are made for Male and Female. Unisex are also available.
* Sizes made fit from Small (5-6) Medium (7-8) Large (9-10)
* Washable and reusable
* Adhesive are proven safe and non-toxic.
* NOT AN IMMITATION! Authentic and export quality.
* Every pair comes with zip polybag.

The Topless Sandals are made out of a rubber sole like most sandals but these sandals are lacking one seemingly important feature, the straps! Instead of tops to the sandals they have a thin layer of adhesive to keep the shoes on your feet. No more tan lines or burning your feet on the hot sand. With nothing on the top of your feet and no thong between your toes it has all the fun of being barefoot without the pain.
Topless Sandals are great for Teens, going to the beach, on boats and boat docks, after pedicures, around the house and the yard, at the pool, nail salons, and much, much, more! They can also allow for healing if you are experiencing corns, bunions, and burns on your feet. They are also perfect for people that like to go barefoot, but have tender feet or for ladies that want to show off their foot jewelry or recent pedicure! Topless Sandals are the unusual footwear that are just plain fun and get noticed! They are the ideal item to take on your next vacation, unless you’re planning a trip to Alaska.

Before wearing the Topless Sandals, your feet and sandals must be clean and dry. When the sandals don’t stick well anymore you will need to wash them to remove the oil and dust that may accumulate on the sandals. Use a firm scrub brush and a mild soap under running water. Allow the sandals to air dry or you can use a hair dryer if you are in a hurry. This reactivates the adhesive. You may be able to wear your sandals several times before you have to reactivate them. It all depends on how clean you keep them and how oily they get from your feet.
To use them, simply remove the protective covering, step down on them heel first and just walk on. Make sure that your foot is centered up perfectly on the sandal the first time you wear them because after a while they will start to take the shape of your foot and then they will be easier to put on and more comfortable to wear.
To remove, simply peel the sandal off of your foot from the sides. If you have trouble removing, use water to get them off. The adhesive stays on the sandal.
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Product Features:
1) Sticks to your feet with a special adhesive
2) Can wear them with or without socks
3) Peel clear protective covering from sandal
4) Made of the EVA material and special non- poisonous glue
5) Not easy to slip when walk, and not adhesive when taken off
6) Could be wear hundreds times, washable and reusable

Technical Specifications:
1) Thickness of sole: 10mm
2) Main material: EVA material and nontoxic medicinal glue
3) Material of vamp: Cloth pattern
4) The weave of sole: Plain weave and ripple (non-slip)
5) Size: Women's and Men's:

White China





Red Beach

Red Flora

Red Candy

Rainforest Green

Rainforest Blue

Peachy Pink

Orange Lemon

Optimum Black

Night Bloom

Lucky Blue


Green Tea

Glamour X


Dragon Lotus

Candy Eye

Blue Wave

Blue Lotus

Blue Candy


Blazing Yellow

Beach Boy