Microbial Blockage Remover suppliers

Xi鈥檃n Rege biotechnology Co.,Ltd., founded in 2004, is a hi-tech enterprise focusing on microorganism , with its own proprietary research achievement, integrating research, biology, sales and providing comprehensive solution. The company mainly focuses on the research and application of rhamnolipids biosurfactant, and has successfully extended the industrial application in the fields of household chemical cleaning, oilfield development, eco-agriculture and environmental governance. After over 10 year鈥檚 development, it has established standardized production plants, supporting laboratories, inspection and testing centers with strict quality management system. The corporate culture is aimed at serving customers, benefiting the society and creating value.
The workshop is located in the accelerator park of science and technology enterprises in Xi'an Hi-tech Zone, with an area of 2580銕? including production workshop, purification room, quality inspection room, aseptic room, seed room, etc. It has 2 sets of 5-ton full-automatic fermentation tanks, 6 10-ton fermentation tanks and 3 mixing tanks, and 232 sets of new research and development and production equipment (sets). 20,000 tons of Various microbial products are produced annually.

The company has won the certificate of high-tech enterprises, the title of star enterprise of strategic emerging industries, two first-class prizes of science and technology in Shaanxi Province, one first-class prize of science and technology in Shaanxi University, and two second-class prizes of science and technology in Xi'an City. Shaanxi Province has 4 registrations of scientific and technological achievements, 4 patents for invention, 19 patents for utility models and 3 strains of products with independent knowledge, which are in the leading position in the industry.
The company's core technology system is based on glycolipid biosurfactants and enzymes. It has completely independent intellectual property rights. 13 bacterial genus banks and more than 200 functional microbial strains banks are established. The company takes rhamnolipid as its core product and derives more than ten series of products. Rhamnolipid, a 100% biodegradable biosurfactant, has the characteristics of high purity, health, non-toxicity, environmental protection and so on. It can be widely used as basic raw materials in many fields such as petroleum exploitation, sewage sludge treatment, soil remediation, animal husbandry, ecological agriculture, industrial cleaning, daily washing products, cosmetics, medicine and so on.

Microbial Blockage Remover suppliers