Nonionic Polyacrylamide Free Sample

Nonionic Flocculant Powder is mainly used for flocculation, sedimentation and clarification of various industrial wastewater. Such as paper and pulp wastewater treatment, wastewater treatment in mineral processing and metal smelting, and wastewater treatment in iron and steel plants and stone processing plants. The principle is to use the flocculation effect of non-ionic flocculant, combined with the coagulant polyaluminum chloride, to quickly flocculate and precipitate the impurity particles in the sewage.
1. Nonionic Flocculant Powder is mainly used as the basic raw material of various modified flocculants.
2. It can be used as textile industry auxiliaries.
3. It can be used as a sewage treatment agent.
4. It can be used as an oilfield profile control and water shutoff agent.
AppearanceSolid Content (%)Molecular Weight (Million)Charge (%)Dissolving Time
White Powder鈮?08-200-5<60 minutes
1. Wear protective equipment when using flocculant, and wash the skin contact area with clean water immediately.
2. Keep a dry bath in the operating place. Avoid sprinkling non-ionic flocculant on the ground. If it is wet and slippery, clean it up in time to prevent slipping.
3. Try to prevent moisture absorption and sun exposure.
4. The product can be used normally after being activated for at least one hour after being mixed with an aqueous solution. The prepared aqueous solution must be prepared for immediate use on the same day to prevent the aqueous solution from being left for too long and hydrolysis failure.
25 kg/bag, 30 or 40 bags/ pallet, or as your requirement.Nonionic Polyacrylamide Free Sample