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Product description
HMJBC-701single phase relay test kit is applied to test protection replay based on voltage and current operation. The main function of the tester include calibration of voltage and current operation relays, secondary circuit inspection, trip value of circuit breaker test, switch on and off time measurement of circuit breaker and so on. It鈥檚 a low cost, simple operation and reliable performance device for secondary circuit test.
Technical Index
1.DC voltage output: 0鈥?50锛圴锛塩ontinuity , max capacity output:960VA
2.AC voltage output: 0鈥?50锛圴锛塩ontinuity , max capacity output: 400VA 3.The voltage and current characteristic test for relay coil
Max voltage output is 240V and max current output is 5A.
The duration time at max current is not more than 3 minutes.
4.DC current output:0-10A continuity, max capacity output:80VA
5.AC current output: 0-10A (at max voltage 40V) 0-100A((at max voltage 14V)capacity:1000VA Continuity Output time鈮?5S
6.AC voltage circuit short connection simulation: voltage output setting鈮?120V,range15~80%.
7.DC constant voltage alternating output (can be used as operating power of static relay)
Output Voltage: 24V銆?8V銆?10V銆?20V,output current: 0.4A
8.Tester Overload protection
1) DC/AC voltage output circuit:5A fuse
2) DC constant voltage output circuit:0.5A fuse
3) 6A fuse for tester power supply
9.DC/AC voltmeter and ammeter adopt 4-1/2 digit to transfer,accuracy:0.5 grade
10.Digital timer: 0.000~9999s error: mantissa 卤2 digit
11.Symbol definition for time measurement close operation for open contact from open state close operation for close contact from open state open operation for open contact from close state
open operation for close contact from close state
Drelay operation value test
1)Power supply: 220V卤10%锛?0Hz 2)Temprature: -20鈩儈+40鈩?3)Humidity:鈮?5%锛?5~25鈩冿級
Application warning
1.The tester must be grounded reliably before running .
2.Please confirm all output control switch be on off position and reclosing control switch is on 0 before switch function of output.
3.The tester is on work condition if the LED shows from 9999 to 0.000 after switch on, It is said the tester has finished the initial procedure. Otherwise the tester has failed to run the initial procedure. There is fault in the tester.
4.Please confirm the regulator is on 0 position before rise the voltage and current output. Otherwise the tester would met short circuit or overload in output circuit.
5.It鈥檚 forbidden to touch the output terminal during make connection for the tester.
6.Please switch the timer to function II when making reclosing test,voltage relay test and DC current relay test.Please switch the timer to function I when making other tests.
Packing List OF HMJBC-701 single phase relay test kit
Voltage test cable2pcs
Current test cable2pcs
CH contact cable1pc
Power cable1pc
Grounding cable1pc
Fuse 0.5A /1A /5A/ 6A5pcs
Operation manual1pc
Test report1pc
Company profile
Wuhan Goldhome Hipot Electric equipment Co., Ltd .(abbreviated as Goldhome Hipot) is one of the earliest enterprises in China to design and manufacture HV testing equipment. In 2016, the company and Wuhan Sangao Electric Co., Ltd. developed into a joint-stock enterprise because of complementary advantages, resource reorganization. At the same time, Goldhome Hipot has worked closely with experts and professors who are from the National Grid Power Research Institute and Electrical Engineering School,Wuhan University (formerly Wuhan Water Conservancy and Electric Power University) 锛宯ow he has become a high-tech enterprisies who is integrated with scientific research and development, production, sales, installation.
Our factory is located in Wuhan Huading Industrial Park, (Economic and Technological Development Zone Hubei), it covers area of more than 4000 square meters, the main products include: hipot tester, GIS PD test system, AC/DC high-voltage test transformer, primary current injection test set ,insulation resistance test meter, Insulation withstand voltage test device and other testing instruments. Products are mainly used in Power Supply department, Power plant, Power construction, Railways, Petroleum, Chemical, Metallurgy, Coal and other sectors.
The factor has continued to develop overseas markets in recent years, , and some of its best products have been exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries, which are well received by customers.
We adheres to: Seek pragmatic, seek truth, seek perfection, seek innovation as our principles; we insist on that technology is the absolute advantage, quality is the fundamental guarantee, integrity can win the market, innovation is development鈥檚 power. Providing the first-class products, first-class services for our client is our motivation to chase.
鈥淟eading technology, quality first, integrity-based, win-win cooperation!鈥?is always our concept . we are expected to build a long term cooperation with you for mutual benefits锛?/p>
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