Self Stick Elastic Bandage quotation

Elastic Bandage is cylindrical, composed of polyester fiber elastic material and packaging bag.
Patented technology - Micro clump fiber: Super-refined fiber
The fineness of micro clump fiber is one tenth of common cotton fiber, air permeability is equivalent as silk, durability is more than 3 times to general cotton goods. Soft feeling, no spinning. High adsorption capacity, dehydrate, mildew resistant, bacteria free. Comfortable, breathable, close-fitting, as a bandage product is more suitable, soft, breathable, self-adhesive, easy to stretch & tear.
Main features:
1.Micro clump fiber - Skin-friendly, breathable, soft, moisture absorption, no sensitization
2.Structural self-adhering, no glue fixed, more environment friendly
3.No stress damage caused
4.Tear-type cutting, easy to fix, no need to clip or paste tape
It is used to provide restraining force on wound dressings or limbs to play a role of bandaging and fixing.
1.Infusion fixation, plaster/splint fixation, external wound fixation
2.Wound dressings such as underarm odor surgery, foreskin surgery, and plastic surgery, etc.
3.Pressure bandaging of venous ulcer of lower extremity
4.Bandage and fixation for acute sprains and joint injuries
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Q: Are your manufacturer or trading company? How can I trust you?
A: We are a professional manufacture only for medical devices. You can check our company name on google.
Q: Can you print our logo on the products?
A: Yes, we can accept OEM. But we need the authorization letter for the logo from your side. We refuse any infringements.
Q: What is the delivery time?
A: For small quantity, goods can be shipped within three days after receiving payment.
For large quantity or special request on products, goods can be shipped about 15days to 30days.Self Stick Elastic Bandage quotation