Tile Drill Bit

Tile glass drill bit hex shank glass tile drill bits. Cross head tile drill bit Drilling hole in tile, glass, ceramic, brick wall YG8C Tungsten Carbide

Product Name锛?/p>Cross head tile drill bit
Tip material: Tungsten Carbide Alloy
Head type: Cross head and single head
Shank type:Hex Shank
ApplicationDrilling hole in tile, glass, ceramic, brick wall
Package:5pcs or 10pcs/plastic box,50pcs/inner box
Delivery Time:Less than d=8mm, 10 pcs/PVC Box, more than 8mm, 5pcs/PVC Box
MOQ:Depend on size, almost in stock

Product Description:
1. 1.Strong toughness and wear resistance, can be installed in the hand drill, electric drill.
2.Small cutting resistance, improve the trepanning speed
3.Provide smooth, accurate drilling in ceramic tile, marble, china, mirrors and glass
4.High quality cemented carbide with a reinforced head that prevents bit cracking and provides a longer life

1.100% pure Tile drill bit, High speed s Tungsten Carbide Alloy
2. Short delivery time and small MOQ.
3. Guarantee quality if it is not enough your quality.

Packing & Delivery
5pcs or 10pcs/plastic box,50pcs/inner box, or pieces in pack.
Delivery time: 3-5 days in common size, customized with 15-25days.
Tile Drill Bit