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Railway Station Information LED Screen
Railway station information system increase the travelling comfort for passengers, giving them real-time information. We are designing and manufacturing passenger information LED screen for every rail environment: trains, stations, tunnels, platforms, stops and hubs. Exco-vision offer display solutions for large and small train & metro stations.
鈼?Tailored solution
As a manufacturer we fit our railway station information displays to the railway standards, specific customer needs and for each installation 鈥?even in the most demanding of environments.
Exco-vision offers complete wide range of railway station information displays provide instant information from entering the station to boarding the train / metro.
Railway station information screen for railway enables flexible customization and easy integration with existing infrastructure.
Product Picture
鈼?Solutions for Station
Keep your passengers informed wherever they are. Real time schedule information for passengers from large arrival and departure boards in the ticket hall to smaller displays in many busy areas in station
Modern and high 鈥?quality displays with advanced LED technology, customized to your station information needs and places to installation
鈼?International solutions
Exco-vision railway station information displays are prepared for information change around the globe. passenger information boards are tailor to the metro or rail requirements
Passenger information
Passengers can easily view:
train / metro arrivals
train / metro departuresPassenger information
Passengers can easily view:
train / metro arrivals
train / metro departures
鈼?Installation Methods
Various types of installation methods 鈥?mounting from:
Or floor totem
Product Specification
Exco-Vision SeraphimP1.25P1.667P1.875P2.5P3
LED Spec.Pixel Pitch1.25mm1.66mm1.875mm2.5mm3mm
Module Dimensions
ServiceabilityFront and Rear Serviceable Compatibility
Panel Dimensions
Panel Weight(Kg)5.24KgTransportation LED Screen in stock