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Travel provides knowledge. Traveling, if done sincerely, should increase our knowledge about the world. When we travel to other countries or regions in our own country or culture, we should make a determined and noble effort to learn facts about their history, geography, music, art, language, gastronomy and customs. For this and more, I recommend you to visit the friends of The Nomadvisor who have a blog in which you find incredible travel techniques. Our visit will be much more fruitful and we will better understand the culture to which we are being exposed. I remember that when I was studying the baccalaureate in the subject of History we were told of Louis XIV, the Sun King, as a prototype of the absolutist monarchy, and how the Palace of Versailles was a symbol of that regime. It wasn't until I went to Paris a few years ago and visited it that I understood the scope of what I had been taught as a young man. To see the megalomania of this king contemplating the enormity and sumptuousness of this palace made those history lessons come alive in me. Amazed by the exuberance of that palace, I read more about Louis XIV and the history of Europe in the 17th century. If I hadn't read anything about Versailles during my trip, I might have thought it was a sumptuous building, but I wouldn't have understood why. It's not just about seeing the world; it's about understanding it too.